OC phone Repair Tustin

I worked on a cell phone repair shop marketing job in tustin for company called oc phone repair tustin (tustinphonerepair.com) also located in orange county california, and i also built them a website and took their brand new business to the first page of google within 8 weeks. I started getting them ranked on google my business within 3 weeks of working on their marketing plan and currently they are the #1 phone repair shop in city of tustin when you look for that service in their town no matter what phone repair related keywords you search. I also got them citations and backlinks and raised their domain rating from 0 to 12 within a month of working on their project. They have raised their sales by 10-20% every month since i started helping them with their marketing . i also created them facebook instagram foursquare, yelp and got them ranked on yelp as top 3 business as well.

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