Ultimate Wireless Solutions

i worked on a mobile cell phone repair shop in irvine called ultimate wireless solutions (www.ultimatewirelesssolutions.com)  (in orange county , california, usa) and i have got them ranked on the first page of google for over 100 keywords on both google map and organic search results. I created their website got them over 1000 citations, over 50k backlinks and tripled their sales and also grew their reviews on all platforms. Currently they are ranked for any phone repair related keywords on top 3 google my business in their city of irvine and also when you search for that service in their county (orange county) they still on top 3 google my business. As far as their website goes,not only  they are ranked on the top 5 listing on the very first page for every city within their county, they also are ranked on the first page of google for all their neighboring counties such as los angeles county, san diego county, riverside county. Their business offers mobile service so they can drive to their customer therefor they wante to cover more ground and have a bigger online presence and i did just that.

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